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Microsoft Access 2013 is a program for managing the database that includes Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Access 2013 updated by major changes. Bigger changes are the ability to easily create web applications connected to the database and use the SharePointscho colleagues’ paths to reach you. This experiment will allow you to easily maintain a database for your business or project.


The great new feature is the ability to create pristupaAplikacijeyaki fully compatibleWith SharePoint. Compilers for Microsoft Access 2013 these apps because you can easily customize the screen template. Supporting applications for online access is designed to interact with colleagues, but rezhymidodatky off to local databases.

After selecting from a variety of templates, you need to select the type of data to be monitored, for example, the address or function. Application for generating database structure, iKomandni interfeysu navigation. Wherever you are satisfied with the data presented in the application, you canModify or add new data types.

The purpose of the Application Access has several losses for those searching for zadatabase tools. Microsoft Access 2013 eliminated some Kueroproekty such as Chart Attack, and summarizes the table, and the master overlook. It is possible that these tasks are rarely used in the 2010 edition, but will be better off like Microsoft’s best money, rather than allowed. TII You can still use MicrosoftAccess nezalezhnoyiDostup in 2013 to create database applications in space,But there are key guides and templates for referring to new users.

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The interface is similar to getting 2013s version in 2010, but has been updated to view the Brighter Microsoft Office 2013.Stvorennyadata input through the toolbar or the correct key. Basic tools such as tables, questions and types are returned to a new list for quick access to SharePointa applications. Use the shape and feel according to obranohoshablon.

The best player is worthy to show the paper timeOr statements, or may have poor choices for charts and graphs. All fields and interface depending on the selected template. You need to stay and try different dlyaznayty templates that really suit your project.

Also optimized for database sharing and software for all your partner partners.Da To achieve this, you will always be connecting with SkyDrive for supply and editing fayliv.Hocha is important for a strong internet connection, this may cause problems like you’ll ever be locked inYou can convert offline data.

You can still run the app into offline offline, though you have pidklyuchytyhmara if you want to download and download the software as a whole. Fortunately, Microsoft Access 2013 has many tools and easy access to data from lokalnihAplikacija, Access 2010 or in Excel applications, this access to the database or network.


Dodatokkoordynuyutsya colors help you identify important menus and messages. Apply more templates to create elegantThe web application that is reproduced by Microsoft Access 2013 is generally fast, even when the most popular proektah.Zayavky function is on a common way to unlock in your default browser and works in various browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Accessibility of internal applications and access to observers, but do not need to be online using editing anywhere.


Update to Microsoft Access 2013 best for integrating your business to a connected database. Version2013 removes some features from the 2010 version and focuses on SkyDrive and SharePoint intehratsiyi. The emergence has already developed and left behind the Microsoft Access 2013 tools, improving the quality.


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